Cubacel Promotion

Cubacel Promotion for International Recharges 

New Cubacel Promotion for International Recharges 

⏳ Date: From 18th to 30th of September, 2023.

💴 From €21, you receive:

  • 5X TopUp
  • 25 GB Bonus
  • Unlimited Net (00:00 – 07:00 UTC-5)

⚠️ Important information for Partners:

In case of accumulation of transactions/recharges, it is recommended that they not be released all at once on the first day of the promotion to prevent the Cubacel platform from becoming saturated.

Cubacel has asked us to notify that on the first day of the promotion there may be delays in the delivery of balance, promotional bonus, confirmation SMS or in the response times by the operator in the event of any customer service complaint.

Terms and Conditions

Promotion from Monday, September 18th, 2023 at 07:30 (UTC -5) to Friday, September 30th, 2023 at 23:59 (UTC-5).

  • For every top up of CUP 500-1250, customers will receive 5X TopUp + 25 GB Bonus + Unlimited Net (from 00:00 to 07:00 UTC-5) – Bonus Expiration: 30 days
  • Topups for an amount below 21€ are not eligible for a bonus
  • The bonus can be used for all services available to prepaid users (domestic and international calls, SMS, including SMS en tumovil.
  • The bonus cannot be used for:
    • Mailbag.
    • Send MMS
    • Mobile Data Service (Internet on Mobile)
  • The balance transfer service is not available with promotional bonus, only main balance can be transferred.
  • Promotional bonus will expire on 30 days after the recharge at 23:59 Cuba time.
  • If customers still have active money bonus from previous promotions, the new expiration date will be 30 days after the recharge.
  • For those customer that have active bonus of Minutes, SMS and Data the expiration date won’t be extended.
  • Main balance will keep same validity as previous promotions (330 days from recharge date).
  • Customers will receive a SMS a few days before the expiration date of extra bonus